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Shooting People
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Cannes 2018 - communicate with other Shooters here

Hi Shooters,

We noticed that a few of you have posted in about sharing apartments or meeting up in Cannes during the festival (8-19 May).

If it's helpful, you can use this thread to communicate with each other and share contacts / requests / meet up plans etc.


  • Cannes Film Festival

    Who is going to Cannes this year?
    Let us know.

    We’ll keep you up to date on PARTIES and NETWORKING events.

    Do you have / are you looking for ACCOMMODATION?
    Do you have / are you seeking accreditation?

    Questions? Advice on attending?

    1 year ago
  • Many thanks Helen,
    Attending Cannes this year selling two newly completed features, one a narrative portmanteau horror film, "Psychomanteaum" and a feature length teen doc called "Articulate", also seeking to make more sales of several of my award winning/nominated in official competition shorts. Also seeking to make production and finance conatacts for a Horror/Sci-Fi feature in development "Bone", to meet representatives of film festival, distributors, attend a few seminars and if we have time watch some premiers of films in competition, meet up over beer and food with film making freinds from all over the world old and new. Especially keen to meet potential co-producers from all around the UK as the majority do not live in and around London and so I like to take the oppurtunity meet them when they too are attending the festival.

    1 year ago
  • D'oh..sorry, must start using my spell/grammer checker before posting. Apologies to one and all. Psychomanteum is the correct spelling.

    1 year ago
  • I'm going to be there for the first 4 days for finance meetings for my new feature. Be good to have coffee one day?

    1 year ago
  • Hi Ray - good for you. Er, but 'seeking to make ...more sales....of my award winning shorts' ? Do tell.

    1 year ago
  • Reply to Allan McKenna ref "Do tell":

    1 year ago
  • Hi Lloyd,

    Ref your YouTube positing:

    I promise that I will share that link to Shooting People in the UK (Approx 20K plus), I also will post my supporting following comment on Shooting People UK:

    "My two cents...for over twenty years I've attended the Cannes film festival, here I go, burning my bridges, but something needs to be said and people warned. Whereas once the police and security managing the festival had the very highest of standards and restraint, this year when queuing in the last minute entry queue (normally used to fill seats for screenings that ticket holders didn't turn up to use), the security choose not to utilize the prepared crowd funneling system but instead simply allowed the queue to become a confused milling mob all pressing at the barriers trying to understand why they were not being allowed to queue in an orderly fashion as usual. Then quite shockingly, the supervising security person began to pick up and throw back onto the people waiting to get in, or alternatively, violently kicking back the restraining barrier, against the crowd on the other side of it, causing the people behind it to be violently hit and hurt, both shocking and disgusting that festival attendees (with festival badges) were being treated so appallingly, since the crowd behind them was forcing them against the barrier, if it moved slightly forward it really wasn't at all their fault. My partner Anne had her foot cut and buised by the barrier being rammed against her by the security gaurd. I'm personally now looking at other options for festival visits next year, most likely Venice or Sundance. Cannes is sadly no longer the wonderful home of Cinema it once was, it has become elitist and oppressive. To further add insult to injury, at all the screenings I managed to make it into their were hundreds, I'm not exaggerating I took photo's to prove it, of seats that were empty when the screenings started, why these seats were not filled by people waiting outside, that queued for hours in the rain or blazing sun in the last minute queue, I have no idea, but really it was a very disorganised, shamefully poor show by the festival management this year. I was truly sorry not to see Lloyd and the Troma team at the festival this year but after watching this posted video I completely understand why, always one ahead of the competition, Kudos Lloyd"

    Many thanks
    Kindest regards Ray

    1 year ago