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Which is the best Script Consultancy Services?

Hi all,

I am looking to use a script consultancy / coaching services to further develop my scripts and writing career.

Through research, I have seen that they are costly so I really want to narrow down my options before I can decide which one is the best one to use. I would also prefer face to face coaching as oppose to Skype-meetings but that isn't the make or break. Just as long as their coaching is great.

Has anyone used any that they can highly recommend?

Many thanks in advance


  • You could try Glyn Carter -

    8 months ago
  • Hi Andrew,
    Just saw your post.
    I have a writing coaching business. Check out my website to see if you think my services would be helpful.

    8 months ago
  • I tend to use

    8 months ago
  • Hi all,

    Many thanks for your suggestions.

    Additionally, has anyone used Script Angel, or Phil Shelley?

    Many thanks


    8 months ago
  • Thanks Alwyne for the mention!

    I will give reviews and feedback on scripts - see

    (Incidentally, I've done Industrial Scripts' reviewing course).

    Self-promotion aside, there are well established services like those mentioned above, all of whom will give sound, insightful and industry-aware feedback. But they are more expensive. At the other end are people like myself, who aren't well established, and are much more reasonably priced because that's the way to get established. And there are some in between.

    My suggestion would be to only spend big money if you are very confident that your screenplay is 95% industry-ready. If you're at an early stage of the script, you don't need to spend £200+ to get pointers about your screenplay's main strengths and weaknesses.

    8 months ago