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Experienced DOP looking for documentary / narrative directors

Hi everyone.

My name is Lee Burnett, an experienced DOP located in Hackney, London. I shoot a lot of narrative, music video and documentary. Solid knowledge in lighting and always try to bring a cinematographic style that's appropriate to the story being told.

View my showreel:

Basically on the look out for some talented documentary and narrative directors to start working with this year. I have lots of experience, very professional and hard working, I'm just trying some different avenues to find new directors to work with.

I'm happy to work for cheap or free if the project calls for it (however, =I won't be ripped off)... If the idea's good and it interests me, then I'm keen.

Good selection of high end kit as well, but please don't email me just because you want me for my kit. If my showreel suits your work, then great, get in touch.

Feel free to send me an email at:

Look forward to hearing from you,

  • Hi Lee, I will write you a PM or e-mail. Thanks for sharing your reel

    9 months ago