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Recommended script review groups, forums, services?

Hi all
I've got several feature scripts I'm keen to get feedback and input on- can anyone recommend any forums, groups, services, festivals, competitions etc, that would be a good avenue?
Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Michael,
    I'm part of a group called The Watermark Collective. We provide a table reading service, which you can invite industry guests to and we give feedback on the script.

    4 years ago
  • I've used Euroscript a lot and it's excellent for both feedback and the development workshops. They also have an annual competition that could win you free development.

    4 years ago
  • Hi, you don't say where you live but there's a ScriptUP North workshop in Leeds Central Library this Sun 19th at midday. This is free, it's in Yorkshire! email me but I suspect you're in London?

    4 years ago