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Anybody heard of Impact Doc Awards

As part of our campaign to enter a recent completed documentary (largely shot in the USA) to approx 25 odd festivals we included ImpactDoc Awards in the list

Has anyone heard of them - at the time I thought it was part of the Impact Partners - a reputable doc funding scheme. But having won a so called award they've not replied intelligently to any of my questions re: how many entries, who were the judges etc. The gong would cost me $375. Is this a scam?



  • If you have to pay that amount for the award then it's a scam. There's loads of them about. I had an award from a New York festival that cost a similar amount for the award. Thing is, everyone that entered would win some kind of prizes as there were so many categories and subcategories.

    1 year ago
    • Word. I used to know a guy who set up his own soundalike parasitic festival with 2 entrants (some poor sap actually entered) where his film won the Jury Prize.

      TBH be super picky which festivals you enter, there are a lot that are just feeding on fees with no real audiences except for nominees paying for a gala dinner. is the story of one disappointed couple

      1 year ago
  • Hi David / Paddy - thanks for your input - luckily entry only cost $40 out of a total budget of around £800 for our festival campaign - I haven't counted them but looks like he has around 200 winners on his website which actually host three other "competitions" so if everyone's a winner then 40 x 200 = $8000 - not a bad business really. We live and learn

    1 year ago