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Shooting People
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‘51 States’ | A Dystopian Thriller | Equality in film

‘51 States’ is short dystopian thriller set in an all too possible future, where a Sikh wife and mother risks execution in the fight to be reunited with her family.

The film is exploring themes of equality, racism and fascism and is intended to start discussion about their role in today's world! This is a short film with a massive message!

As a female filmmaker of British-Indian heritage, I grew being subjected to the prejudice views of my peers. This, along with years of research into civil rights, has informed the stories that I tell.

I would love to hear your experiences on and off screen! How have they shaped you as filmmakers? What do you want to see in the stories on our cinema and television screens?

Love from,

Cassandra Virdee - Writer/Director - (Art Dept ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Artemis Fowl’)

We are reaching out to YOU, the shooting people community to help us spread the word about this ambitious project, please find a link to our project:

  • I am very new here from the music industry. In my experiences 'off screen' are having been told by several that my work should be in films and video games. I have gotten a lot of bad criticism as my music hangs on the edge of genres. I make music and ambiance that is supposed to paint a picture in your imagination; my own sort of film making. I tried sounding like a dance music artist but the other producers out there were very rude and I felt limited on what I could do. It's like the limiting world of EDM and the people in it have really helped actually to bounce off the wall and go in a bigger and better direction and now I am here.

    1 year ago