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Shooting People
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Film Investors

Filmmaking requires a number of core elements in order to get from pre-production into production. For example, a great script with good commercial potential. Well cast actors with great experience for their respective parts. Experienced and enough crew. Adequate funding for all stages of the project, like effective script development, enough pre-production time for preparation including rehearsals for actors and blocking for crew. Adequate funding for post production; editing, sound, dubbing, SFX, VFX, grade and mastering. And finally, marketing materials for promotion.

From my experience, many people are able to manage most of the above except for the funding part. Once they have the funds, they know how to use them. But actually finding the funds is a huge pinch point.

When it comes to raising private finance, do you know where to start? Do you know how to find investors? Do you know what you need in order to present your project effectively once you have sourced a few investors? Do you know how to close the deal, legally, so as to protect the investor and yourself?

In short, is this an area you could do with some support in or guidance on?

  • Personally I could do with all the help/guidance/advice possible.

    3 weeks ago