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Location for work

Is this a rant? I think more than a few people will be frustrated that Shooters allows posts for work to be made without giving the location for the work ‘Great Britain’ is not a helpful location
While I appreciate that and exact location for filming might not have been identified at least the production location for meetings could be given along with a proposed location for filming
Or are we just to assume it means London?

  • If no location is given, it means London. Because Londoners just assume that London is the world :-)

    7 months ago
  • Hi Mick, thanks for flagging this. We understand how essential it is to be aware of the project's location and although depending on the roles it might be either working remotely or as Marlom suggested - presumed London, it's valuable to have clarity on this straight away to save everyone's precious time and effort. We are currently working on improving the categories and making the more specific location mandatory.
    Dorothy/ SP

    7 months ago