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Shooting People
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Shooting People and Kickstarter

After being selected by Shooting People to go forward with a Kickstarter campaign I am delighted to reveal we have now gone live with our adaptation of the Stephen King short story L.T's Theory of Pets.

We were mentored by Kickstarter and they placed us in a good position and helped us build up our campaign page to maximize our potential.

Both Brian McGleenon and I are delighted with the collaboration between Shooting People and Kickstarter and the support we gained along the way as this is our first crowd funding outing.

Please check out the project and help spread the word, there is a cool little film on there we shot as a teaser so please check it out.

Kind regards,


  • Hi folks here's a link to the kickstarter page:

    Any help or advice on running a campaign like this would be greatly appreciated. It's a good learning experience for us...

    Yours sincerely,


    2 years ago
  • Love to know how you get on and if the help kickstarter gives actually makes a difference. Please report back to us all.

    2 years ago
  • Hi guys. Best of luck with the Kickstarter campaign. I recently ran one [The Pebble & the Boy] with the help of SP and Kickstarter and raised over 10K. You asked for suggestions and advice. I discovered that the Walk on and small speaking parts for £150 and £250 respectively went like hot cakes. I also had music as a perk, whereby bands or musicians could have their track on the film for a fee. T-shirts and a name on the credits also brought the money in.

    I wish you all the best with it.


    2 years ago
    • Hi, I am so interested that you got £150 and £250 for walk on parts. I have tried this before but it did not work, a bit of mud slinging comments went on. How did you phrase /manage it? Cos normally you pay extras. It's brilliant if you got it to succeed.

      2 years ago
  • Hey guys, it would be great if you give us an idea on how they helped you and some more info on your prep e.g. did it take you weeks/months to plan everything and how involved were KS with pushing the campaign out there and helping you get a good conversion rate?

    2 years ago
  • Can you talk more about how exactly you reached out to Kickstarter and SP for them to help you? I am just about to launch a campaign and this would come in very handy.

    As for Abid... We started the social media campaign July ( and will be doing so until the end of the Kickstarter campaign (end of October). It takes sh*t loads of time as you really need to be immersed into all the platforms (Twitter, Instagram and FB in our case) but I think (hope anyway) it pays off as you get a big fan-base before the launch.

    2 years ago
  • Thought you might like to see this as just what I expected: Advertised on facebook:

    Young Up and Coming Bands or Singers- We are looking for a theme tune and several other instrumentals and songs for the film Katya on child slavery and prostitution. Could we help each other out? Subject to suitability we will promote your band/self as much as possible , credit you and link to you at every opportunity on social media. We would ask for this you make a contribution of £150 to the film fund if chosen. Small price for advertising! - some of Lumino Films first films got to 120,000 youtube clicks before even hitting the festival circuit, so it will help you get known..... Interested? Send a link to a demo or track to Sad/moody songs/instrumentals preferred. We are making no money from this, it's a collaborative effort. We need money for food, equipment and post during the 3 day shoot now to be filmed all in UK not Bulgaria.

    Vladimir Tubić You're asking people to pay you for giving their music to you or am I missing something?
    Like · Reply · 3 · 19 August at 17:13

    Anna Petrov Yes, it seems a joke, pay for giving the music ! This is a shame !

    Andre de Brito Is this a joke ? You want to use other's people work and we still need to pay £150 ?!?

    Jeroen Bakker I think you'll find it hard to find people willing to pay for a job, however you might find people willing to work on a volunteer basis if you provide proper circumstances and conditions.

    Good-luck with your project.

    Filmby Lumino No it's standard, it's like product placement, no-one is forcing anyone, it's a sample of your work on a film that can lead to other work. Like placing a can of coke etc etc, and the film is for charity.

    Jeroen Bakker I understand but you must realise such process to be very ineffective. Crowdfunding might be a better approach instead of asking participants to pay for their contribution.

    Jeroen Bakker 'We' are not major companies, we are small or even minor businesses.

    Jeroen Bakker Even question/ask yourself if you are 'big' enough for your participants to be noticed by their potential clients.

    Filmby Lumino All good points but another way to look at it is this, we are crowdfunding and if you employed a team to make a video of just one of your tracks then it would cost £2,000 upwards to tens of thousands. You are getting the next best thing which is your music featured on a film for £150, pretty good bargain that way round.

    Filmby Lumino But I will also admit I did this for an exercise to print on a post on "Shooting People" a film makers site. Someone asked how they could realise their money on crowdfunder, any tips. Someone put up that they got £10,000 some of which was through selling space on the film to upcoming bands for their tracks. I questioned it as you will see on the site saying just what you lot have said here and asking them to explain what wording they had used to make this a success???

    Filmby Lumino And I have had a few applications so I will take these generous people's help with the charity in the manner in which it was intended. And yes in answer to your question yes I can generate enough interest for my own or other friends feature films to perhaps do a paid job in the future.

    So how did that successful shooter word his appeal???? Got some applications but have yet to part with their money.

    2 years ago
  • Hi all,

    I've seen a few questions about how SP filmmakers can be connected to Kickstarter in here. To clarify, we connect a number of projects to Kickstarter's outreach team each month, and from those they select the best and connect with the teams involved in order to assist with the preparation of the campaign and the promotion once live.

    As you can see above, a few members have had great success from this so far. It's a great connection to have, and we're looking forward to continuing to develop it.

    In the future, if you have a project you are developing, email us at help @ shooting dot org to let us know about it.


    2 years ago