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Has anyone had to create a lookbook for funding applications?

Hi there,

I am sending in a couple of funding applications and one of the requisites is a lookbook. I think I have created something that represents my vision for the film but I would love to see some more examples. Especially from people who successfully applied for funding!

I would really love to hear from fellow shooters on this one!


  • Hi Daniel, I have created several, for myself and for others. Here's one I did for director Keith Bearden's third feature, SHAINA: . (BTW I do this kind of work for hire, and have a special rate for filmmakers :) Also you could do a lot worse than to look at the "Stranger Things" pitch document (easily google-able) which successfully sold that show to Netflix! Good luck.

    3 weeks ago
  • Hi John! Your lookbook looks awesome! I also used the Stranger Things as the best example I had to mind. I already submitted this application for my short film, "Broken Toy" but should I ever do a feature I will definitely look into your services.

    One thing I especially liked was the way you tied the concept art to the synopsis. If have to resubmit my lookbook anywhere that is certainly the way I would do it.

    Very very cool stuff.



    P.S. Did the film get funded?

    2 weeks ago
    • Thanks Daniel! I'm glad the Stranger Things book was some help. I imagine a lookbook for a short could be much simpler than these examples, more in scale with objective. Keith is still very much in the process of trying to get producer(s) onboard for SHAINA. Everything is complicated by the pandemic, of course. His latest film, ANTARCTICA, is doing festivals right now I think.

      2 weeks ago