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Shooting People
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I just heard the sad news that another amateur production has been cancelled. The children learned their lines, worked for months on a show that was postponed...and postponed... until...

Well, anyway, it happens, right? But, I think, as an actor, that a cancellation can be worse than a bad review. And, for amateur productions, why do people even bother writing reviews?
There's nothing worse than working hard on something, only to hear that your time has been "in vain." It can be even worse than being thrown in there without any preparation.
I guess that's why some people lose heart after writing a few scripts, or making a few things.

Have you ever been accepted into a film festival that was cancelled (after you already booked travel and a place to stay?) Or, learned your lines to a film that wasn't made? Prepared your kit, your team...

How do you deal with cancellations? Or, better yet, how do you convince someone that "the show must go on!"

(Professionals are interesting too, but this is focused on amateur, student, school and children, and perhaps art therapy films, theatre, art shows and the like. At least professionals are getting paid, and have something to go with when they get cancelled. )

  • I know the feeling and I’ve been working on now for over 12 years and still trying! My co-writer Ralph and I move from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm! I was fed up trying to get a woman director for this female lead drama. I was given a list of 45 and approached all. I only got 5 replies - all declining - so I never want to hear women grumbling!!! We continue...

    3 days ago