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Shooting People
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I just heard the sad news that another amateur production has been cancelled. The children learned their lines, worked for months on a show that was postponed...and postponed... until...

Well, anyway, it happens, right? But, I think, as an actor, that a cancellation can be worse than a bad review. And, for amateur productions, why do people even bother writing reviews?
There's nothing worse than working hard on something, only to hear that your time has been "in vain." It can be even worse than being thrown in there without any preparation.
I guess that's why some people lose heart after writing a few scripts, or making a few things.

Have you ever been accepted into a film festival that was cancelled (after you already booked travel and a place to stay?) Or, learned your lines to a film that wasn't made? Prepared your kit, your team...

How do you deal with cancellations? Or, better yet, how do you convince someone that "the show must go on!"

(Professionals are interesting too, but this is focused on amateur, student, school and children, and perhaps art therapy films, theatre, art shows and the like. At least professionals are getting paid, and have something to go with when they get cancelled. )

  • I know the feeling and I’ve been working on now for over 12 years and still trying! My co-writer Ralph and I move from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm! I was fed up trying to get a woman director for this female lead drama. I was given a list of 45 and approached all. I only got 5 replies - all declining - so I never want to hear women grumbling!!! We continue...

    1 year ago
  • Indeedy! The research has been amazing too and enough for a three part TV mini-series!

    1 year ago
  • My film was accepted in the Portugal International Film Festival and I was on my way to Stansted to catch my flight and having dinner with a friend. I just happened to check my email and that criminal enterprise known as Ryanair cancelled the flight a few hours before I was to board. Didn't even bother to text. Naturally their offices were closed. Naturally there was absolutely nothing available going to Porto. Naturally it took months to get compensation, and even thought European laws specify that you are entitled to refund of 272 euros. Eventually I got a coupon for half that amount for guess what, a flight on Ryan bloody air. Of course I had to eat the noncancellable hotel reservation.

    The world will be a much better place when Michael O'Leary dresses in orange.

    1 year ago
  • Ouch! Lynwood that is a bummer. With regard to the lack of proportionate compensation I can understand why people just take it on the chin. I imagine however that with effort and patience one could win better than these poultry compensations constructed from shallow statutory legislation and deferred to by weak lawyers. There's various implied contractual waivers built into airline tickets that are vulnerable to challenges that don't get publicity because of out of court settlements in which non disclosure is central.

    Airlines are protected by 'Force Majure' or Act of God clauses but it's easy to argue that the consequences of pilot strikes, particularly when well flagged before the event, are not covered by such clauses. Our Common Law of Torts trumps these petty statutory arrangements. In Tort Law a legitimate remedy ought reflect all loss and consequential damages.

    Don't believe everything one reads in the press, sees on TV or is asserted by weak lawyers. They're really good at obfuscation.

    1 year ago
  • And Franz, the average gestation of a feature film from original conceptualisation to completion is ten years, so you're not too off the scale yet. I have two seven figure budgeted feature docs still simmering after a decade and am not in the least discouraged. They are maturing richly with age.

    1 year ago
  • Lynwood, you're never more alone in this world than when Ryanair screw up. This is why I refuse to travel with them now - they didn't just disappoint (cancellations must happen occasionally), it felt like they went out of their way to make me hate them with a passion. I'd rather walk.

    1 year ago
  • There's no angels operating airlines but on balance I've found British Airways to be quite reliable and pleasent without being obsequious; a finely judged style few are good at. The best fun and friendliest I've had is flying with Ghana Airways, but thier routes are sadly limited and schedules somewhat flexible (they'll wait on the Heathrow tarmac for booked passengers running late even if it delays departure for an hour).

    You pays your money and takes your choice.

    1 year ago