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Shooting People
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Anyone interested in watching a crazy free movie?

Anyone in the USA (or by using a VPN logged into the US) can now Watch my crazy Martial Arts Sci-Fi feature movie "Team One" (2007) on Tubi completely free, BMG and other titles to follow soon:

  • Love Life (2004) and Boy Meets Girl (1994) are now also up on Tubi and are also free to watch once you have logged into your Tubi account after firstly, saying you are somewhere in the USA by using a VPN service. You need to create a free Tubi account (email and login password, but no credit card details are required). Finally, you need to allow adverts, perhaps turn off your blocker if on as this is how they make any money to pay for their content and service. Tubi are the largest free online movie service in the USA.
    Will look to see if ShortsTV can be watched in this way too and then repost as they are screening several of our multi-award-winning shorts on their platform which cannot presently be accessed in the UK, if this has changed recently please let the noticeboard know by reply?

    1 week ago