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Shooting People
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Hi I am Jonny Wright, I set up 151Films in leicester three years ago. While runnig this I was Producer/Director on numerous music videos and corporates. But My ambition is film directing. So I packed my bags and left 151 and headed for London.

I am now in london and realise to move my career from unsigned bands and freelance TV work I need to start my own projects! For said projects I need a core team to bounce off, have support from and socialise with! I write/direct/shoot (occasionally edit).

I am basically looking for a producer (or two), someone who can help promote and raise funds for my shorts. Also a DOP (I have one guy but more are always better), actor (male and female), composer (for films ar nothng without a good soundtrack), Graphic designer.

To underline THIS IS A CALL OUT FOR SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT AS WELL AS FILMMAKING! I am doing this as I believe the best films are made by friends collaborating, and socialising is a chilled way to brainstorm etc.

Jonny (RedBeard) Wright