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Cannes 2021 - UK Travel for this years festival post BREXIT

I'm planning on travelling to Cannes 2021 from the UK for this July's festival and wanted to start a discussion to find out how others are planning their trip.

When in Cannes I work as a press photographer, either for my UK clients or as a private-hire for others visiting the festival that want red carpet photos.

From the details below from the website it looks like most people traveling to the festival should be exempt from requiring a work visa, I'm wondering what other peoples thoughts are on this?
UK citizens going to France to work for up to 90 days will not require a visa. They will need to obtain a temporary work permit unless travelling for a sporting, cultural or scientific event, a seminar or trade show, the production and broadcast of cinematographic and audiovisual works, modelling, IT/ asset management/ insurance/ finance/ design/ engineering audit or expertise missions. Attention, a long stay visa is required if staying more than 90 days in France."

  • >>a seminar or trade show<<

    Cannes is every bit as much a trade show as Plumbers World at the NEC :)

    1 month ago
  • Now the new headache is the requirement to self-isolate for UK travellers to France!

    4 weeks ago