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Meet-up ?

Hello SP creatives!

Thanks for reading.

I just thought I'd put some feelers out there - would anyone be up for attending a little meet-up if I organized one ? Somewhere in central London perhaps ? Just a coffee and chat amongst creatives: performers, crew, writers, directrors ?
I'm primarily an actor but also a keen writer and just generally up for meeting other creatives. Nothing intimidating or formal, just getting together somewhere cosy and let's introduce ourselves, maybe chat about something we're working on or if we're not working on anything then let's just enjoy the company. (I know there's Facebook Groups out there for this kind of stuff, but they're not really my cuppa and a bit overwhelming sometimes ;-) )

Feel free to let me know on here or send me a little private message. Once I have a bit of an idea of things I can organize a little something. Many thanks ! x

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  • Some of these may be of interest :)

    2 weeks ago
  • Great idea. I’ll join :) curious to meet some SP lot.

    2 weeks ago
  • Newish members don't know the halcyon days of monthly SP soirees. Now it just the occasional special. (But, as of 30 Nov., even the pending one's still being advertised.) It seems weird that, for such a large membership around London, a suitable venue at the right price and the depth of interest can't be found ant longer to warrant a monthly SP get-together. Some movie-related Meetups have certainly withered away, whilst another goes from strength to strength. Is it a finite number being cut too thinly?

    2 weeks ago
    • Hi Barry, yes it seems like a shame to not have the regular meet ups anymore.

      5 days ago
  • Heya, yes I'd be up for that too!

    2 weeks ago
  • Count me in!

    1 week ago
  • Sure, it'll be good to meet up.

    7 days ago
  • Hi. Yes I'd love to come.

    6 days ago
  • Happy to join!

    6 days ago
  • Happy to join!

    6 days ago
  • I'm interested

    5 days ago
  • After a week, only six takers: conclusive proof of no depth of interest in a regular London meet? Maybe the newsletters themselves, of offers and wants, act as surrogate meetings anyway? And the thread here is connecting those who do actually want a face to face just for a chat. (And, by the way, Andy, how'd you get on with my bloglines of short scripts sent a couple of years ago? I never did hear back.)

    4 days ago
  • i'm innnnn :) if I can give you a suggestion, you can organize I through meetup, the app, you ll get more responses

    3 days ago
  • I'd be interested but the commute to London is never a joy. I've posted a similar ad but for anyone from the Medway Towns and surrounding area... not sure how much interest there will be, if any.
    I hope your meet-up goes well :)

    3 days ago
  • Hi, I'm interested in meeting up... The lack of response may be more because most people missed the post in the first place, like I did...

    23 hours ago
    •, there was a great Shooting People meet up, last week...

      23 hours ago
  • Hi, I would also be interested. ePrhaps setting a specific date (or dates) might generating a clearer idea of how many might attend.

    6 hours ago
  • I'm loving the energy, and it seems we have enough people for a cosy meetup!

    What if we tried to get the ball rolling—say, somewhere in January? How would y'all feel about Tue 22 Jan… 6.30pm?

    We could pick an event close to the last Short Cuts event; e.g. Monty's Bar & Lounge, E1 6SB.

    Let's try and make this happen :D

    4 hours ago
  • I would be keen to meet up too! Keep me posted.
    As a side note, and in no way meaning to detract from this group idea, but more as an additional resource, you’re always welcome to come to a monthly event I run called the UK Actors Tweetup. We sometimes have speakers (only a £5er and you can skip that bit!). But always have free networking and very friendly informal mingling! So please feel free to come to that as well if you fancy, as well.

    3 hours ago