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Shooting People
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Follow Up on Free 1-to-1 Script Consultancy

A big thank you to everyone who submitted a script for my free one-to-one script consultancy, Script Surgery. It's been amazing to read all your shorts, TV pilots and features, and the writers seem pleased with the feedback I've given. I've now completed 50 video script evaluations (if you're still in the queue, I'll get to you ASAP) and I'm afraid I can't accept any more free applications – but you can still get your ★★★★★-rated script feedback (including a full script read) via Fiverr at 

  • Just a quick note to fellow scribblers looking for quick, and suspiciously reasonably priced, feedback on their scripts - I used David recently and thought he was excellent. Full script read and video call feedback session that clearly demonstrated that he'd read and digested script, with lots of useful steers. Would highly recommend.

    3 months ago
    • Mark, that is incredible kind of you! I do hope your script is coming along nicely.

      3 months ago
  • David did me the honour of reading my script - all of it. And giving me detailed feedback and a video callback. I loved his honesty and challenging questions, they helped set good quality goals for me, both as the writer and as the director, in my rewrite. It is helping me take my film to the next level and adding more jeopardy for my characters.
    I fully recommend David and his support.

    3 months ago
    • Thanks Lewis, that's kind of you to say... I hope the rewrite of HW is going well!

      3 months ago