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Shooting People
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I made, and finished, my first short!

Am new to the community, and after embarking on this with zero experience, but knowing I wanted to make *something*, I finally finished and released my first short film!

There’s stuff in it I like, and other stuff that’s not so good (poor focus in spots, lighting... :S), but I’ve learnt so, so much from the whole process.

It’s pretty much 0 budget apart from a couple of bits of gear I bought (Osmo 3, external mic), all shot on iPhone X with Filmic Pro. The main actor is a friend and locations were a friends flat and a very friendly shop near our home.

The shooting days were when I discovered I was trying to do far too much by myself (Direct, Camera, Sound, Lights — I really don’t understand lighting yet :S) but thanks to friends helping out we got through it. The big learning for me was to slow down and not rush through stuff, usually calling it after
1 or 2 takes per shot. But yeah, all learning.

I'm happy with the finished film, and more so that I actually did finish it. To all the advice out saying “just go and make something”, that x 1000.

Any feedback most gratefully received.

Thanks, Ed.

Fun fact: The prop lottery ticket won £108 which I put to music licensing :D

  • Kudos! Now it's time to get it out to some festivals.
    Jharkhand Film Festival 3rd year 100% free submission entry Fee waiver code: JFF2021

    3 weeks ago
  • I'd say that, for a first go that's really good! Perfectly shot. I couldn't see any poor focus!
    Pity he couldn't have the million as well as the Good Samaritan new girlfriend though.

    3 weeks ago
    • Much appreciated, thanks for watching!

      3 weeks ago
  • Excellent work! I like the colour-grade. Congratulations on finishing (and on the win). Look forward to seeing more.

    3 weeks ago
    • That's very kind! I just tried to balance the image of each clip, then applied a LUT with a couple of tweaks to taste.

      3 weeks ago
  • Excellent first film, on many levels - well done Ed

    3 weeks ago
  • Well done Ed! :) Looked pretty good and the quality compared to other shorts I have seen was up there!!! ;)
    I did notice someones reflection in tv screen but apart from that all good.

    As an actor you often struggle to get into productions so have often fantasised about creating my own content/ material, the fact that you made this from scratch and on a phone is really heartening and inspiring! 👍
    What is your background? and was all the software (editing/ colouring et) easy to use?


    2 weeks ago
    • Ha! Totally hadn’t clocked the reflection on the TV!

      I’m a web developer by day, and used Premiere for the editing/colouring. I’ve used it previously for bits and pieces for work, but it’s pretty easy to get into and there’s more than enough content on YouTube to get you started.

      2 weeks ago
    • @Ed Willey Cool thanks and hopefully one of many more films to come! ;)

      2 weeks ago
  • Really good film. Congrats Ed! To many more :)

    2 weeks ago
  • Congratulations Ed!!

    2 weeks ago
  • Hey Ed, really enjoyed watching that. An amazing piece for your first go. Loved the bit when he found out he won the lottery and went on a binge, reminded me a little of peep show.

    Keep up the good work, can't wait to see what you make next.

    2 weeks ago
    • That's a very kind comparison!! Thanks for watching!

      1 week ago