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Interpolation software to upres SD to HD anyone?

Hi has anyone had any success in upressing SD to HD 1080 using interpolation software recently please, if so what software did you use, please? Many years ago I had success doing this with Shake software I seem to remember, unfortunately, I don't have the software anymore and I pretty sure things have moved on quite a bit since then. I'm working on a Mac system, not Premier by the way. Made new ProResHQ digital files at Stanley's in Soho old DigiBeta masters but they are still only SD in size and look terribly mushy when played on a 4K screen or monitor.
Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

  • Back in the day we used analogue component devices to upgrade, as different to up res SD. The results were more about aesthetically smoothing the pictures look when interwoven with higher formats, obviously it also involved careful grading too. It was quite successful.

    I've noticed that some domestic DVD recorder players boast upresing features and wonder if one might be able to use the USB ports to connect the recorder as an online processor to achieve something useful.

    11 months ago
  • In the states today they are uprezzing via Teranex. Here is contact info for a post-house in Burbank, California. Email them with any questions:

    11 months ago
    • Hi Patricia,
      Thank you so much for your reply, the info and the heads-up on the Blackmagic Design Teranex with AV Standards Converter for AV Professionals with 12G-SDI/HDMI (p/n BMD-TERANEXEXPAV12GQL), a really cool bit of kit by a really great company.

      Begs the question though, since the unit costs £1500 I guess that quite a few people have them here in the UK. If an UK companies do and could give ma a quote to convert a HQ ProRes to HD 1080P please do get in touch, I could post you a hard drive with the film on, either USB3 or Thunderbolt for you to convert and then load the file back onto (approx 90mins) and I would then pay to have it collected by courier to be delivered back to me. Any interested parties please DM me?
      Please note that I have three feature length titles, approx 90 mins each that I am interessed in converting from SD to HD if the price is right.
      Many thanks Ray Brady

      11 months ago
  • Hi John,
    Many thanks for taking the time to reply​, greatly appreciated​. Failed to get acceptable results using the technique you mentioned and also importing the films into an HD project, setting to fit and exporting as a 1080 HD file. Sadly both results were still mushy and soft. I hope someone contacts me with a high-quality solution or I'll be forced to go back to the film prints and look at a new telecine, which would be prohibitively expensive. On-line someone suggested using a 35mm photo scanner and setting up a feeding system to run the reels through the scanner, one frame at a time, For a short, it was a brill idea but to do a ninety-minute feature-length film would take weeks if not months.
    Many thanks, Ray Brady

    11 months ago
  • Sorry not to be able to suggest any other affordable ideas Ray. From what you've described already the original 35mm has been televised onto an SD format. Which one? If it was digital DV, DVCAM or Digibeta it's 540 lines but if it's on analogue Beta SP PVW it may be as much as 760 lines (a lot of people never realised this was why first generation Beta SP could look so good), which is damn near HD in some folks books. The PVW Beta SP was, inadvertently against Sony's design, better than the much more expensive BVW version in terms of resolution. Not to be confused with the lessor quality of Beta SP UVW though. If your telecine was onto a good Beta SP, it's possible that a better VCR to digitise from, such as the PVW 2800, might improve the resolution?

    Patricia Cunliffe's suggestion of a Teranex process might be affordably available in the UK.

    11 months ago
    • Hi Ray, Just saw your responce to Patricia. I think you might be onto something. Only £1,500 ! Ooh it's almost tempting. We have I don't know how many thousands of hours of SD tapes in the archive. Clever folk those Blackmagic people, Australian I believe.

      11 months ago
  • Hi John,
    £1200 Plus VAT John if you're VAT rated you can claim back around £300! CVP link below, if you're tempted please let me know?

    Kindest regards Ray

    11 months ago
    • Even better Ray. Though I'm tempted I'm not yet driven. No doubt when needs must though.

      Alwyne's suggestions here are also interesting. Upscaling SD to 4K would I imagine, be a quite an achievement, even if only on a sort of subliminal aesthetic basis. It must be like reverse engineering digital compression codecs. Creating cleverly nuanced pixels around every original one. Actually probably not that challenging any more when one thinks about the as yet barely only dipped into potential of digital technology.

      Not being anywhere near to being updated on non linear post production tools, I'm keenly aware just how intelligent things like Adobe Creative Suite, in particular, have become. It explains why Adobe Creative Suie is the fastest growing system right now. I think it may yet take over the world, once the delusions of grandeur that mega buck Avid type systems are still able to effect wars off. Sad to suggest that to a lesser degree the same probably applies to Apple's Final Cut Pro series too. Apple has been trading on its laurels well past their use by dates. The Adobe PC combination is just so freaking powerful. I wouldn't be at all surprised if my editor tells me next week (I'm away on a jaunt) that Creative Suite already provides upresing apps?

      11 months ago
  • Red Giant do Instant 4K, which is supposed to deliver superior upscaling. Not sure if it takes an SD source, though. They also do (or used to do) Instant HD, which did take in an SD source. So if Instant 4K doesn't allow a SD source, upscale it to HD first with Instant HD.

    ps After Effects now includes Detailing Preserving upscaling -

    I used the latter to upscale a 2.8K film to 4K last year and it looked pretty good projected in a 4K cinema.

    11 months ago
  • Sorry, answered long after reading the question - for some reason I began thinking you wanted to upres to 4K.

    For SD to HD, Red Giant's Instant HD should be looked at... if it's still available.

    11 months ago