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Shooting People
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Offering medical knowledge to film companies.....

In a conversation yesterday I was asked to give support to a film company with my medical knowledge. I was a nurse for 30 years, and district nurse.

I have looked after many people, and people who have passed on. I know about medication, and having medication in a film can inspire a grant from the Welcome Trust for example.

I know about people too.

  • Hi Lawrence - I'm not looking for medical knowledge at the moment, but I am lookng for a location that will serve as a consulting room. By this I mean the office where a consultant would explain the findings of tests, for example - with an aura of medical expertise, but not a clinic or surgery as such. Is this something you (or anyone else?) could help with?

    1 year ago
    • What is your budget Glyn, and yes I can arrange this for you - give me a call on 020 8432 6450

      1 year ago