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Shooting People
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SP Resources

Hi All,

We're looking into improving the SP resources section ( and want your input.

What would you like to see there? What is missing? What isn't working?

What have you needed and not found there? Cath was just talking about needing a letter for using some footage found on YouTube for a doc, and agreeing this with the uploader. Examples like this would help us to know when updating/revising/adding on to the page.



  • Hi Matt, I've got a couple of odds and ends you can have which may be useful - do you have an email address I should send them to?

    2 years ago
  • Hi Matt, some time ago I suggested a SP prop list. I've worked on low budgets where the PM would put up a prop list in the production office. If a crew member had a particular prop, they'd sign their name next to it and bring it in. It could be anything and everything; from a prop gun to a garden hose. It's these little props that just eat away at a no-budget film. Perhaps there's a way to do this through SP.

    2 years ago
    • Gosh, I'd forgotten about that, it's a fabulous idea. I like the idea of writing around what you have/can get as opposed to spending a mint on specific details.

      I've got a lifetime silicone severed forearm and hand kicking around in my office. I only use it to scare workmen doing the overnight maintenance. It's ideal for someone's horror. I've also got an economical outdoor gas powered fog machine - powerful enough to mist your woodland scene in a few seconds and show off your DoP's fancy lighting rays. That's the kind of stuff that could go on a resources list.

      2 years ago
    • @Paddy Robinson-Griffin Hey, add a samurai sword to your severed arm and smoke machine, and we've got a movie! When do we start?

      2 years ago
    • @Dan Selakovich I've got a severed head floating around somewhere...

      2 years ago
  • Exactly! Grab a bunch of crew who want to do a freebie working up a grade, £5k for a week of catering and a dozen cast to chop up in the woods. Scripts are overrated ;-)

    2 years ago
  • Hi,

    I received the following 7 suggestions from a member via mail. Posting them here, in case anyone has on comments/suggestions regarding them.

    1. co-writing agreement where one party would also act in, or direct the film.
    2. contract for VFX providers.
    3. contract for stuntpeople.
    4. contract with producer.
    5. contract directly with financiers.
    6. contract with practical effects providers.
    7. life rights agreement, to make a film that shows the story of a real person.


    2 years ago
    • I'd suggest steering clear of stunts - it's extremely specialised and the liabilities can be enormous. If anyone wants stunts enough to get a stunt coordinator, the film is big enough then you're PACT/Equity anyway, and if not, you're probably not dealing with stunt professionals (or if they are, they'll have their own contracts).

      Financiers, similarly, are going to have such distinct terms if they're bringing real money then what the producer wants is pretty notional.

      Practical effects companies (for weather effects, etc) all already have standard terms of business, so again I'd question if that's actually useful in the real world?

      2 years ago