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HI I was wondering if I could pick your brains, do you think its worth paying the expense to go to Cannes as an actor/short film maker, when you don't have a film showing there, last time i was representing my director as he was in LA and his film was showing there and I was in it, but that was 2 years ago and i have now since got the bug and the passion for short film making.
what can I do there :)

  • Every filmmaker should see Cannes once before they die. But you've done that. (I, as a screenwriter, went for the day a couple of years ago.) Unless you've got several 'firm' meetings lined up, a film in the festival (not just the short film corner) and/or market, it's probably not worth the expense again - unless you want to blag into parties and get rat-arsed. But you can do that pretty well anywhere.

    1 week ago
  • I love film festivals (yet to go to Cannes) but it's always better if you have something showing because it's something to talk about isn't it. I'd get on and makeup something cool that you can submit for next year :)

    1 week ago
  • Go to Cannes for a reason and with a plan, if you go without one you'll just rattle around between things you're on the edges of whilst paying €10 for a coke!

    1 week ago
  • I disagree with most here. It's great to go with a project but don't let that stop you. Festivals/Markets are places to start relationships, so when you do start a project you are not cold-calling or knocking on closed doors. The British film industry is pessimistic and it's always doom and gloom. They will tell you not to go and save your money and that you have no reason to be there.

    But the industry is about relationships and that starts by being in a place like Cannes and starting conversations. Also i've never paid €10 for a coke - every pavilion and party has free drinks and food and I rarely spend over €20 a day.

    But saying all that if the money you save from buying a badge, flights & accommodation can be used towards making a short film then do that because creating films is why we're all here.

    6 days ago
  • I think we're all in accord really: best not to make the trip wholly empty handed. As Amanda has the money to go, but nothing mentioned 'to show' for it, would seem best to postpone till next year. In the interim get together, at least into early development, some "cool" projects and thereby then be looking for talent placements, finding more funding, S&D. Anyone for a smart script?

    5 days ago
  • Hi Amanda,
    Please visit my website:
    Then click on "Cannes" for lots of useful information in regard to attending Cannes Festival. I wholeheartedly agree with Abid, you do not necessarily need to have a project to justify attending. For one and a half weeks the world of filmmakers converges in Cannes. You are surrounded by film professionals, in front and behind the camera, so an invaluable opportunity to network and make new contacts, watch some of the best films of the year maybe six to twelve months before they are released in cinema's. Cannes does not need to be expensive, by your food in supermarkets and eat at home. Carry a bag with bottled water and fill it up at the free water dispensers dotted around the festival pavilions. Make sure you get your accreditation and book your flights as early as possible.

    4 days ago