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Shooting People
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WRITER-FILMMAKER looking to meet PRODUCERS for potential collaborations

Hello everyone,

Hope you're well.

I want and am hoping to make some INCREDIBLE short films (the kind that people won't forget) this year and in the near future, so that's why my excitement levels are WAY up!

I produced (as well as wrote, directed, edited) my last short film 'Echoes', which has since been to three international festivals, with a fourth coming up in the summer; we also coverage from BBC Radio and various newspapers/magazines.
I ended up having a co-producer on location who made all the difference! I've decided I NEED a partner-in-crime.

I hope this hasn't come across as arrogant or anything. Right now this post is not for any one particular project; rather I just want to build a network of people I can trust, and vice versa - a mutual belief in each other! I haven't found my "tribe" yet where my contemporaries have, and whilst I am happy for them and love the work they're doing, this does sadden me because it sometimes limits me in what I can do and how fast I can get the ball rolling!

This is probably the most inappropriate, unprofessional post (and yes, it is annoying when people say stuff like that)! But right now I'm so excited, I don't care!!

Hopefully speak with you soon. Meet you on the other side...