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Shooting People
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Script development service and Talent/Industry Connector

I am a creative producer who has worked in development for Oscar and BAFTA nominated producers with filmmakers that include Charlie Kaufman, Jonathan Glazer, Lynne Ramsay..I am expanding my business to develop screenwriter's scripts (extensive notes on 2 drafts) for the independent US and UK market and if right, make connections using my relationships with leading agents/talent/financiers. This service will ensure greater access for emerging talent that is more affordable whilst a space that is more intimate and personal than Festivals / Markets catapulting the project forward. Send me an email so we can start talking and we can take it from there.

  • Good morning,
    Who are you please?
    Kindest regards Ray Brady

    1 year ago
  • Good question Ray. One might be forgiven for thinking about fishing expeditions.

    A little girl sets up her lemonade stall on the sidewalk outside her house. She puts up a sign stating that the price for a glass is one million dollars. A man suggests to her that her price is not likely to attract many sales; little girl answers "I only need one"

    1 year ago
    • My name is Julia Berg - nice to hear from you! Thanks

      1 year ago
    • @Film Development Hi Julia, It's probably worth asking SP admins to change your username so people get to know and appraise you rather than "Film Development" (which is very impersonal). SP is more of a community than a marketplace, so it'll help people relate to you.

      If you've also worked on several prestigious projects, it may also be helpful to post your IMDB :)

      1 year ago
  • Are you, by any chance, the Julia Berg I knew in Manchester way back in - I think - the 1990s? Granada or BBC, maybe?

    1 year ago