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Script Tracking System on SP

Hi Shooters,

Hope you're all well.

This post is a half-complaint, half-suggestion to SP.

I'm not sure if I'm in the minority here but over the last year, I have sent my short/feature scripts to so-called Producers/Filmmakers on SP offering paid work for writers, only to be met with silence, even after a couple of polite email follow-ups a few months later.

Like most writers on SP, I take my writing very seriously and put in a lot of hours into a project whilst juggling family life with a 9 to 5 job. This is especially true if I'm responding to a post that's offering payment and the prospect of working with professionals to help further my writing career.

As mentioned, I have sent my scripts to various SP people who have either advertised for paid work, or contacted me via Script Pitch. But once the script was sent, I have never received a response. Not even an acknowledgement that my script was received okay. I would give it a couple of months and follow-up asking if they had received my script and if it was being considered... still no response. I find this very unprofessional, especially knowing that I put in the hours to polish a script for them. And yes, there is partly that fear they have run off with the script!

I understand that this does happen in the industry outside of SP but as a paying subscriber, I would personally like to see some etiquette put into place. I wondered if it's a good idea for SP to create a tracking system for script submissions whereby writers can see when they're script has been 'Submitted' 'In Consideration' and either 'Rejected' or 'Approved' by the Producer/Filmmaker. In turn, the Producer/Filmmaker has to establish a date to when scripts will be read by. I know they will be inundated with submissions so maybe there could an option saying 'Project found' (or something like that) just to alert writers who have responded to the same post.

I think the point of this system would be to separate the time-wasters from serious Producers who have funding and are offering paid opportunities to writers.

Again, I'm not sure if I'm a minority on this and maybe I've had a run of bad luck recently but I am interested to hear if other writers have had similar experiences on SP and if they think a tracking system for script submissions is a good idea or not.

All the best,


  • Hi Andrew. I wander if a comment section like the ebay or anything that would log your knowledge of a person non response? I'm imagining there are many people on this site who are ambivalent about their skills abilities, or 'is this what I want to do with my life?' Film making is not for everyone and you maybe whittling them out, to your frustration :)

    3 weeks ago