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Shooting People
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BLANK SHORES - Kickstarter campaign

We’re very excited to have launched the Kickstarter campaign for our short film, BLANK SHORES, starring BAFTA-winning Georgina Campbell. It is a mysterious sci-fi/drama exploring themes such as child loss and the stigma around mental health for men. The film focuses on a woman searching for her missing partner, and the subsequent reconnection in his subconscious.

We’ve teamed up with the charities CALM ( and Sands ( to raise awareness of the film’s themes.

Link to support the campaign:

Please share the campaign. Any support is massively appreciated.

  • Hi Alex,
    Just a brief message of support for your project. These topics are greatly important to me and if you're looking for a composer for the project at some point, do drop me a line to discuss.
    Good luck and best wishes,

    10 months ago
  • Thanks Justin. That's good to know. We already have a composer attached to the project, but really great to hear from you.

    Best of luck for future projects.

    10 months ago