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Job post feedback

I've been on here for a long time, and used other networks. Sometimes, we might complain if we don't get the right responses. Yet, I see some people are more successful than others, and it's not all about pay. (It never is.)

One of the reasons you may not be getting as many responses is that you aren't doing a few simple things.

Personally, I find it much easier if you give an exact date and location, and I think others do too. If you scroll through the jobs, those which mention a location, in bold, stand out.

I understand the temptation to be "flexible" as I'm tempted to be flexible to, but for unpaid or even low paid jobs, it's just not worth the travel unless it's an extremely interesting job (I've asked a few filmmakers if they provide bus fare in the expenses, and received no response).

So, when we see a sea of films, we might ignore them. Again, this includes "low paid" jobs or even somewhat well paid ones that are too short to justify travel. The ones that stand out to me are those that commit to a location. And to a shooting date.

If I know a job is somewhere where I know people, or where I'm going for another event however, then I can coordinate it.

If you commit to a when, a where, and describe your project, you might dissuade people who aren't able to make those dates or aren't interested in that kind of film, which will save you time anyway. But, more importantly, it will also get the attention of those who fit. Standing out in a good way.

Another thing is I'd recommend a "production secretary" option. I can't find it in the drop down list. A lot of the little jobs I see, which I'm qualified for, are administrative jobs. Some can be done by line producers, but that's like hiring a specialist doctor to do something a general nurse could do. The production secretary could do a number of paperwork jobs, from pre-production to getting your film festival ready. Sure, you could hire a specialist consultant, but secretaries are cheaper, and often more professional, and most importantly you won't have to fiddle with hiring a different person for every piece of paperwork.

Any other recommendations on job posts? (If anyone wants to give me feedback on my job posts, or replies to jobs, feel free to PM me.)

  • When Shooters want collaborators, please fill in your profile so we know who you are, what you can do and what you have done. So often I see blank profiles which do not inspire confidence.

    1 year ago
    • Good point about profiles. I notice that a few of us might put too much information on them, but there are others who just don't put anything. I wonder why people leave their profile blank, indecision, or something to hide?

      1 year ago
  • Good post, Vasco. You make some interesting points. We're constantly looking for ways to improve our Production posting system to encourage members to include as much detail as possible - we're working on this at the moment, in fact. So it'd be great to hear people's thoughts here on how the process could be improved. Philip's post about filling out your SP profile is a good one - we always encourage members to do this. We'll be launching improved profiles (so you can attach and send C.Vs etc), better messaging and an improved search system soon.

    Be great to hear people's suggestions.

    1 year ago
  • I wonder if the reason some profiles are blank is because it's rather a pain to keep umpteen profiles up to date? I prefer to have one showreel on my website, and to put fairly minimal info on SP and the other job-related sites.
    If I'm looking to hire someone "creative", (say, a DoP) then for sure I will look at the showreel on their website, as I assume that is going to be their best and most up-to-date presentation. But to get to that stage it's useful to have some smart, spell-checked info on the job site in the first place.
    Therefore, if that's the way I hire, I assume (rightly or wrongly?) that other people hire in a similar way: put up a post, get some responses, browse the profiles, click on showreel links, make a shortlist, offer the job.

    1 year ago
  • If I am offering to work perhaps for expenses I'd like to know who I'm working with and whether I will get anything out of the collaboration.
    So even though it is a 'pain', and whether you are creator or collaborator, put up your past experience and aspirations for all to see, it will pay dividends.

    1 year ago
  • Perhaps some folk are so distinguished and renowned that it's a mark of their high status that they leave their profile gloriously blank? Other explanations are available; perhaps simply legitamate lurking or being entirely unqualified to claim any relavent profile? How deliciously intreging. It might be we have amongst us celebraties hiding under aliases or secret agents pursuing arcane missions.

    A profile containing little but a link to a clarifying website, is not at all blank.

    1 year ago
  • There are two extremes. A completely blank profile looks like a troll. I was once contacted by "" on this list. Or was it robert.dinero? Whoever it was, the blank profile made me think "troll city." (That said, Borat had a MySpace page that looked like some real people I know.)

    A few good people who I've communicated with on this list have blank profiles. So, they aren't all trolls.

    I think a complete profile is unnecessary, and it's also unnecessary to be on every single social network. I often feel that my profile is too complete, which makes it difficult to update. (Writers have a tendency to overdo it.)

    However, if you do have a youtube, vimeo or dailymotion channel, you can link to that. If you have a linkedin, xing, or viadeo page, or imdb page, you can link to that. If you have a website, you can link to that.

    I think some kind of "gravatar" might help us keep our profile images up to date (as it does on Wordpress). I wonder if there's a gravatar equivalent that will embed imdb pages, or resumes.

    A short profile, which allows us to find out more if we're interested, is great. The fact is, there may be other people who share your name.

    You don't have to say everything, just say enough. Even a link to a more updated profile is better than nothing.

    1 year ago