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Best festivals for web-series?

I'm finding it a bit of a palava to trawl through festivals looking for places that actually have a web-series competition. And many of those that advertise themselves as having one, actually have a 'web short' competition which, to my mind, is slightly different.

I'd like to enter my web-series into a few competitions. The show is about British politics so I think it plays better in the UK, but really any tips for good festivals with a web-series competition (and preferably a web-series competition that also has sub-category awards, like Best Comedy or Best Actress, rather than just a single Best Web Series award) would be much appreciated. And particularly if people have taken their shows to any of these festivals, as I'd love the opportunity to meet more web-series creators at various events.

  • Type 'Web Fest' into Google not film festival. Raindance did an article last year:

    2 years ago
    • Hi Elisar, thanks for the link (and the Raindance Web Fest was definitely on my list, had I not been dozing over the summer...).

      Most of the 'web fests' on that list are US-based, which is great, but I have a suspicion that my show won't play well for US audiences, just because most of the jokes are quite specific to British politics (I've actually found that it really only plays well to people who have an above-average interest in UK politics too, for its sins) so I'm focusing on trying to find UK festivals with a web-series competition. But I'll keep an eye out for US ones that look like they might have an open mind, but some of those on there are $50+ for earlybird submission and that's a bit steep given that I don't think the show will play particularly well there!

      2 years ago
    • @Nick Hilton Also google Pilot Light Festival in Manchester

      2 years ago
  • You might also want to chat with other UK web series creators in the web series networking group DCUK:

    2 years ago