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Shooting People
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Looking for UK Co-Producers to Drive Multi Genre Feature Length Screenplays


We are Buzzmedia Network ( an award winning film production company based in the Netherlands looking for UK co-producers to drive forward a slate of quality fictional, multi genre, feature length screenplays that we have developed. Our current schedule has become increasingly more demanding, so we have decided to concentrate on the documentary side of our production company and are therefore either trying to sell the scripts or take a backseat for a UK film company to develop them further.

Please find below a list of loglines, in which One pagers can be provided on request:

Lina's Diary - 'A year after a police sergeant is dismissed for his unit’s actions in the 2011 London Riots, his teenage daughter disappears. After having kidnapped and tortured the Muslim youth she was last seen with, the desperate father not only comes to realise that the boy is innocent, but also learns to respect him. He is about to redeem himself by releasing the youth and turning himself in when fate takes an ironic turn'.

Single to Paramaribo - 'In 1978, a determined sixteen-year-old Dutch girl buys a one-way ticket to Paramaribo, Suriname, to rescue her mother and little brother, believed to be in grave danger, from a religious sect in a settlement called “Jonestown” in the dark heart of the South-American jungle'.

Ophelia' Revenge - 'A Cornish schoolgirl’s father commits suicide and visits her as a ghost shortly before she is to perform Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, urging her to avenge his death'.

Run - 'A young Moroccan who has lost his faith in society is driven to become an anti-government terrorist when he kills a man in self defence and is relentlessly pursued by a vengeful cop'.

The Courtyard - 'A middle class gay couple move to a London council estate and are met with disdain from the local residents who are terrified of eviction, as the threat of gentrification rapidly becomes a reality'.

Better to Burn - Deeply affected by Kurt Cobain’s suicide, an ‘A’ grade Liverpool teenager’s life spirals out of control over a summer in 1994, as a psychedelic journey of self discovery reveals that maybe it's not “better to burn out than to fade away…”

Please message me if you are interested in reading one pagers for the above or if you require any further information.

Kind regards,

Wayne Wills