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Where do you want your music videos to feature? Which trade press that is?

Not consumer press like ClashMusic etc - but which trade/industry press?

Have trade/industry features made a difference for you, eg being featured in Creative Review got you a load of interest from production companies?
Would you love to get profiled in eg Little Black Book?
Which are the valuable industry mags outside of the UK?

Suggestions, wish lists, real-life experiences all very welcome.

We try to get coverage for Radar-commissioned directors - so we'd like to know what kind of coverage is important and valuable for you. Thanks for your contribution.

  • I have directed music promos for clients/record labels direct and have never really had any input as to where they are featured thereafter. So your question sparks an interest about expanding the scope of how I work with this type of work.

    I'd like to be commissioned by Radar on a project or two and see what sort of exposure comes from being one of your 'commissioned directors' - Black Book too.

    SP doesn't really highlight music promo directors or projects too well from my pov. It's more about narrative story telling and MPs don't always do that.

    Would welcome other peoples thought's too.


    5 years ago
  • Hi - Black Book - do you mean here?

    5 years ago