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Shooting People
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Looking for Producer - developing a smart genre script from established Horror writer (going for iFeatures funding).

I'm an experienced writer-director (see and I'm looking for a producer/partner/collaborator to work with on a feature project. It is an adaptation of an amazing short story by the writer Malcolm Devlin ( A smart, dark horror film with social/political subtext.

  • Hi Christopher, I'm probably not the guy to get into development with you (I'm all over the place this year), but will happily help if someone wants to step up into their first feature PM/LP role and needs some coaching and support :)

    But far more immediately, do you have the rights to the story you want to adapt? Without those rights being assigned, do not take another step until you have bought them (or at least begged them in writing). No serious investor will touch it without this, not will it be distributable!

    9 months ago
    • Thanks Paddy - yes all rights in place. Will drop you a line re PM/LP once things are aligned. Chris

      9 months ago
  • Hi Christopher, the best place to find collaborators is over on Production > Get People. Good luck!

    9 months ago