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What does a million views of YouTube pay?

I noticed recently that some British independent movies were doing some really big numbers of views on YouTube and just wondered what their revenue streams for putting them on YouTube were? A pittance or actually a sizable amount of an income to justify putting them up on there? If any SP member has any information that they would kindly share I would really appreciate hearing from them, either on here, or if they would kindly share but keep their experiences in complete confidence, simply replying by direct message.
Many thanks, Ray Brady

  • It's very variable, lots of diverse factors involved, measured by algorithms and unique social attributes that make some films better or worse advert carriers. Figures for a blunt million views are between $1,000 and $50,000, mostly around the thousand plus. Sometimes less views earn more money. But it's not just YouTube who pays for licks. A million views and repeating such with further films is what makes some Youtubers go exponential with things like product placement and other marketing campaigns other than those placed by YouTube.

    Quality isn't perceived by tastefulness per se. It's a numbers thing but not as we know it !

    2 months ago
  • Happy to share results of a little of my own informal research if it’s of any interest (and if I may be forgiven for advertising a book on the subject worth reading: “The Death of the Artist: How Creators are Struggling to Survive in the Age of Billionaires and Big Tech" by William Deresiewicz). The title of the book is instructive.

    It’s based on interviews with a number of film makers, musicians, artists and others using YouTube etc. and their experiences, none of which are encouraging. The writer also explains clearly why this is the case, as someone with a serious interest in art, music and film but who also has has a good understanding of political and economic realities, and why being naive about them is not a good idea -- that is, the bigger realities, not the "business realities" we hear every two-bit huckster droning on about ad nauseum, if you get my drift.

    2 months ago
  • The odds of earning a viable income from YouTube, even if one is serious, practical and realistic in the attempt, are weak.

    A viable YouTube stratagy would be about advertising oneself, project or maybe experimental stuff, seeing feedback or even to see if ones item gets any feedback, attention or traction at all !

    YouTube can act as a 'force multiplier', meaning that while of itself it's not an earner, it can generate pathways and networks into other things that can.

    One of the steepest genres of films struggling to attain random financial support and benefits is fiction drama, especially fiction drama that has no significant sociopolitical or socioeconomic edge to it. Other than our much threatened public broadcasters, the megabuck big studios and their collaborators within commercial broadcasters and distributors leave only narrow pathways for independents to travel viably on.

    Lloyd Laworth makes a good point about 'business hucksters' muddying the waters with quasi inspirational narratives. But if we're talking about the meaning of success and what success looks like, it's a mixed bag of diverse perceptions. Whilst the odds of direct financial success relying solely on unsophisticated YouTube distribution are weak; is such any weaker than independent low budget feature drama production already is. Lloyd is correct about the corrosive nature of current tycoonary, but the other side of its affect is that entirely new structures are being worked up which rely on entirely different sociopolitical and socioeconomic arrangements that many entrenched in 20th century ideas will find challenging to adapt to, especially with regard to traditional business autocracies and the egocentricities of self esteem.

    As always, other realities are available.

    2 months ago
    • Thanks, but I said nothing for or against the book’s thesis, just suggested it might be useful as it’s by someone who seems to know what he’s on about, rather than a tech evangelist.

      2 months ago