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Shooting People
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Character Development Resource (Free Worksheet)

Character development is an integral part of the screenwriting process. It helps you create a three-dimensional character and dig deep into their roots. What makes them tick? What do they hate? You can even go into as much detail as their favourite type of steak...

Why use a character development worksheet?

- It helps to create an in-depth persona of your character. 
- It will allow you to develop your story further and add more layers to the
story arc. 
- Understand your character better and how they would react in certain
situations - this helps build your character's personality and drive within
the story.
- You can layout their internal goals and motivation for the film or the
- This will help you develop your arc and add different mannerisms to each
scene that will improve the scene and keep the viewers gripped. 
- It builds a much more natural build of a character by understanding their
internal desires as well as their external expressions.