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From Claire Duffy

About the film:

Nick leaves for the class reunion, irritated to find his wife Kate waiting in the car when he had thought she was going straight to the party. His disdainful monologue is interrupted when Kate commands him to stop the car - then forces him by opening the car door. Nick gets revenge by then speeding off without her, not noticing that her necklace has slipped off. When he glances in the rear view mirror, she is gone.At the party, Ben is approached by former classmate Amanda who is intent on berating him for having made her life a misery. Ben realises that making amends won't be as easy as he hoped.Nick calls Kate's mobile and is frustrated when it rings in the car. He catches sight of something in the pitch dark forest and runs in as --Ben approaches Kate, who wears her necklace. She comments that it would have been Andrew's birthday and chatters on about how she always wondered what his 18th, his 21st would have been like. Ben blurts that he didn't know the date. Nick races through the forest, stumbling and tripping in the darkness, increasingly panicked. A horrible sensation occurs and he turns slowly around, knowing that he is about to face --Andrew.Back at the party, Ben has finally broken the ice with a former classmate, Melanie, when Kate approaches. She tells Ben that Nick needs to be picked up. Ben reluctantly agrees to help.As she leads Ben from the pub, Kate is no longer wearing her necklace.


Director: Claire Duffy Writer: Claire Duffy Composer: Jake Barnell None: Martin J Lee Editor: Simon Thomas Director of Photography: William Sansom None: Gosia B


: Andrew: Tom Elliot-Chinn : Melanie: Roanna Cochrane : Amanda: Jane Lawson : Ben: Charlie Anson : Kate: Josephine Taylor : Nick: Dominic Tighe

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