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London Short Course

Looking to learn film marketing? Or perhaps you’d like to join 150+ filmmakers at our free networking event? Then come along to our next event!

SEMINAR (16:00 - 18:00)
In this 2 hour seminar we'll dive into the specifics of how you can market your film or your production company without a Distributor or PR/Marketing Agency. Whether you're looking

During the seminar we'll dive into:

✅ Finding Your Audience - how to conduct market research and find your audience

✅ Press & PR - how to effectively reach out to journalists

✅ Organic social media strategies - how to promote your film or business for free

✅ Paid marketing strategies - we'll run you through the ins and outs of paid online marketing strategies on channels such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

✅ Self-distribution - strategies for releasing your film online without a sales agent or distributor

About the speaker:
ZB Siwek is a producer, marketing expert and founder & CEO of Cine Circle. Throughout his career he's worked as a Head of Marketing in start ups managing budgets from small self-funded campaigns to millions of pounds per year across multiple markets. During his time working at Cine Circle he's also had the privelge to interview many successful producers, film marketing experts, PR consultants and journalists which has given him a wide knowledge of how you can self-market your film, your production company or even yourself, without spamming and without a massive budget.

NETWORKING (18:00 - 22:00)
Come along to meet and network with like-minded filmmakers, actors, film financiers and indie-film marketing specialists. Whether you’re on the hunt for cast and crew, new projects, or are looking to explore your financing and marketing options, this is the perfect time and place to discuss all your current and future projects with some great company and a drink in your hand.

Everyone attendee will get one spin of the Cine Circle lucky wheel for a chance to win a variety of prizes including a free drink on the night, Cine Circle PRO Premium and Platinum subscriptions and more!

Start date:
Wed. 17th Apr 2024


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London Short Course

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