Animation/CGI Writer Producer Director

Intro to: ​Writing Animation

Online Short Course

(6.00pm—8.00pm BST)

Ever dreamed of writing for Walt Disney or Pixar?

This live webinar gives you an introduction into the world of animation. From 2D to 3D, and stop-motion, discover how to tell animated stories!

​Aimed at screenwriters, animators, and filmmakers interested in writing for animation.

- The basics of the animation production process for different types of animation (ex: 2D, 3D, stop-motion).
- Visual Storytelling: What kind of stories can you tell in animation?
- Essential elements to consider when writing for animation (ex: characters, visual designs, story structure).
- What do animation producers look for?
- How to pitch an animated project.

​A 1h30 live webinar with a 1h talk followed by a 30min Q&A session. As part of the talk, participants will be invited to complete a series of short exercises—the aim is for each participant to start developing an animated film or series idea by the end of the webinar.

Alizée Musson is a script & development consultant, writer, and translator. Working internationally in French and English, she develops films and TV projects with emerging and established talents in live-action and animation.

​Alizée previously worked with independent production companies and studios such as Ardimages, Entertainment One, Amazon Studio, Ubisoft, and Walt Disney as a freelancer. She also worked as a web series screenwriter with Wildbrain Spark, where she wrote 100+ short animated episodes for YouTube.

Start date:
Thu. 30th May 2024

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Producer Director Animation/CGI Writer
Online Short Course

WED. MAY 29th
(6.00pm—8.00pm BST)

Interested in writing films or series for children?

This live webinar gives you all the basics.
​Discover how to tell stories for a younger audience!

​Aimed at screenwriters, and filmmakers interested in writing for young audiences.

- How to write for different age groups (from pre-school to teenagers).
- How to write children's content for different formats and media (TV, film, web series).
- The latest trends in children's content.
- Dos and don'ts of writing for children.
- How to write diverse and inclusive characters for children… more

Start date:
Wed. 29th May 2024

More Info: More info and booking