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Shooting People
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The Hive

Running Time:
14 min 58 s

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Ed Lilly

About this film

Brian Percival (Downtown Abbey, Emmy Award Winning Director) mentored Ed Lilly on The Hive and had this to say about the film "Brilliant, really brilliant. The performances and casting are really good and it's beautifully shot".






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  • Matt Choules
    5 years ago
    Short films often live in their own world of hyperbole and this can often be unbelievable but this one has honesty and plausability. Two minor comments I'd add is that when the hive is dropped some extra bee sounds would make that a bit more vivid and the photo in the farmers house is a little incidental, I think a shot on the farmer rather the older brother at this reveal would have been stronger.

    But excellent work.
  • Sonia Maffeis
    7 years ago
    great little short-characters all had me really interested! keep 'em coming-very inspiring wrk!
  • Ed Lilly (Filmmaker!)
    7 years ago
    Thanks to everyone who watched and voted for THE HIVE. We are very pleased to have won this month. The 'MAKING OF' can be seen on the following link Or you can keep up to date with more film related stuff here @edlilly_
  • Liane-Rose Bunce
    7 years ago
    I was with the characters every step of the way. Profound and beautiful!
  • carlo ortu
    7 years ago
    I really enjoyed this. Well done.
  • James Rumsey
    7 years ago
    Enjoying your work again Mr Lily. A step up from "Greasy Spoon", which was already very good - loved it.
  • David Graham Scott
    7 years ago
    thought I already commented on this as I watched it a couple of weeks ago but I didn't!! Brilliantly designed film and great narrative/acting. You should be making features!!
  • Jason Wingard
    7 years ago
  • Alexis Rodney
    7 years ago
    As gripping as Andrea Arnold's Film Wasp....but with Bees!
  • Martin Franks
    7 years ago
    At long last, a short without cliche, but with surprise, reality, a small world and hardly any wasted dialogue And you made me care. Really good.

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