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Shooting People
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Hiccup from Simon Dymond on Vimeo.

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About this film

Kevin and Mary are a normal couple. The reasons they married were good reasons, they remain good reasons. However, when one of them focuses on a negative trait and turns it into an obsession, the defining characteristic of the marriage, it can lead to a bad day, a very bad day.



Michael Kenneth Stewart



Assistant Director
Omar Teemal

Director of Photography
Tom Pykett

Assistant Camera


Executive Producer

Location Sound
Robert Squirrell

Location/Post-Production Sound
Chris Cubitt

Second Wardrobe
Kirsty Blades

Second Wardrobe
Hannah Budd

Set Photography
Dan Turner

Behind the Scenes / EPK
Kevin Nightingale

Production Assistant
Ric Gallagher

Special Thanks
Lynn May

Special Thanks -
Matt Goold

Property Location
Rex Walker


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  • Trevor Hardy
    5 years ago
    Beautifly shot. Very well acted. The whole film had a lovely feel, pace and the sound was superb. My only 'Down' point would be, it played the same joke over and over...which felt a bit weak. Just when it was becoming tiring, you did change the pace and direction which made it much more enjoyable. A great little short and as all talent in this country, probably self financed, shot on a budget of F..K all and totaly dependent on favours...So massive well done to all involved, lovely short film. Good Luck with it.
  • Andrew Griffin
    6 years ago
    Nicely shot film, congrats!
  • amine Yahia-Cherif
    6 years ago
    Well done Steve, your sound post team have done an excellent work

  • Steve Deery (Filmmaker!)
    6 years ago
    Thanks once again to eveyone who watched and voted for the film, 1 star or otherwise, really appreciated.
  • Nicola Quilter
    6 years ago
    Liked it very much
  • christopher Stylianou
    6 years ago
    Very slick. Witty yet full of pathos.
  • David Graham Scott
    6 years ago
    Good work...really enjoyed that one. I did have a feeling what was going to happen when he had that snack though!! 5 stars for you!!
  • Steve Deery (Filmmaker!)
    6 years ago
    Thanks everyone for your kind and positive comments - really appreciated.
    6 years ago
    a beautiful production - well written, balanced performances by the two actors, great production values.
  • Mark Howard
    6 years ago
    Nice short Steve, great story, and natural acting, and simple, the sound was also very good, even though the Hiccups played out in each scene they still caught out.

    good luck

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