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Shooting People
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A New Day

Running Time:
5 s

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About this film

A lonely homeless man discovers an unlikely route to personal salvation in the form of a self-help recording on a lost iPod.


Marc, The Homeless Man


Woman on bench

Lost man
Hisham Rahim




Director of Photography

Composer / Sound Designer

Dialogue Sound Editor

Camera Assistant
Hisham Rahim




Production / Props Assistant


  • Georgie Lee-Robinson
    9 years ago
    Cool. Enjoyed it. Thanks for sending the link.
  • Joyce van Berkel
    9 years ago
    Excellent short Kieron! Thanks for sending over the link.
  • Maz Lewis
    9 years ago
    Very good! Lost in the world of an iPod...
    9 years ago
    Great performance from the lead. Nicely shot....nicely lit....editing a bit patchy in parts...
    You obviously have a good eye as a director and therefore it would be good to see what you can achieve with a more powerful script.
    Overall you should feel pleased with yourself - in my humble opinion. X
  • fred peters
    9 years ago
    Very well shot and the film has a languid feel to it which is lovely.
  • caroline oakes
    9 years ago
    that was brilliant! Great stuff!
  • Antony Mann
    9 years ago
    Nice film, like the twist.
  • Tom Bonington
    9 years ago
    Nice story, simply told.
  • steve rehman
    9 years ago
    I thought it was very well thought out Kieron. An existential look at the human condition. Confidently directed, with great shots and use of sound design- I love stuff like this. My only comment is re-performance: Because your lead actor was so good, i felt you might have got a better performance from the character who asked about the cafe at the end. But that's a very minor point. You said so such in some little time. Well done!
  • David Goodall
    9 years ago
    Nice shots, good lead and good narration on the iPod. Picky points? One of the two cameo performances was "acting" a bit; a bit too much going on. The lead could have been dirtier - lovely hands! But aside from those two really tiny & picky points - I liked the shots, the performance, the pace, the music and audio. I don't now how far you graded, but it looks very nice and visually seems to tie together nicely.

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