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Shooting People
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Devons Estate - Postcards from East London

Running Time:
1 min

Devons Estate from Jo Parkes on Vimeo.

About this film

Less than a mile to the London 2012 Olympic Park. It looks like many other old housing estates. Are they are just the same, or can they be unique?

Directed by Anton Califano, Choregraphy: Alesandra Seutin, Music: danbeats

Anton made three one-minute films with MobileDance and East London Dance for a series called Postcards from East London. He created the films together with choregrapher Alesandra Seutin and performers from Central Foundation Girls School.

The project was funded by High Street 2012, a programme to enhance and celebrate the ribbon of London life that connects the City at Aldgate to the Olympic Park at Stratford in the year of the London Olympics. Postcards from East London was part of Big Dance 2012 in the London 2012 festival, the culmination of the cultural Olympiad.




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  • Anton Califano (Filmmaker!)
    6 years ago
    Thanks for the comment Mark!
  • Mark Solomon
    6 years ago
    nicely done. wish I could see more of the dancers full frame.

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