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Shooting People
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The Stitch

Digital Stills Camera
Running Time:
12 min 17 s

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Matt Jamie

About this film

A short film exploring what happens when 2 lives run into each other. Written and directed by Alister Cameron. Visual concept, photography and edit by Matt Jamie. Music by Philip Kay


the man

the woman
Julie McDonnell

The Woman



Alister Cameron



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  • Jane Hamer
    5 years ago
    Beautiful story. This is sort of story I really identify with and have a thing for myself - that strange unworldly aspect that perhaps sometimes there are other forces working in higher realms to protect us.
    I like the fact it was left open and left me wondering. I like the split screen, it's unusual today to see that and fresh. The long pauses in the cinematography adds to the story. Loved it.
  • Victoria Smith
    6 years ago
    Nicely shot, beautifully subtle performances.
  • Jason Wingard
    6 years ago
    I really liked the split screen and shooting of this. Well done all involved.
  • Brett Snelgrove
    6 years ago
    I agree quite haunting little love story ... good example of music carrying the emotional thread of a film.
  • jumaan short
    6 years ago
    Intriguing idea, I enjoyed the shots side by side.
  • Luca Zizzari
    6 years ago
    good job - it's a 5* from me.
  • Jilly Bond
    6 years ago
    Wow. Thanks, I enjoyed that. Haunting & absorbing.
  • Chris Regan
    6 years ago
    Great work!
  • Ruth Curtis
    6 years ago
    Beautifully filmed, excellent actors, it is fabulously contained. I love the cinematography
  • John Ninnis
    6 years ago
    Beautiful love story, very simple great performances from actors.

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