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Shooting People
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Running Time:
6 min 57 s

Emmeline from ANTLER on Vimeo.

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About this film

'Emmeline was a peculiar girl. She didn't fit in a crowd, she didn't fit through doorways and she didn't fit in bed.'

A playful, imaginative celebration of 'the other', 'Emmeline' is the sweetly comic-absurd fabulation of a girl who isn't quite like everyone else: her arms are permanently suspended above her head.

From influences of Jeunet and Caro, the film's wry wit and quirky edge bring to life this rustic fairy tale world, complimented with a glowing colour palette, matter-of-fact narration and a charming original piano-accordion score.


Director, Co-Writer


Co-Writer, Lead Actress
Jasmine Woodcock-Stewart


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  • Mark Collins
    7 months ago
    Not really 'my cup of tea' but well made and brought a smile to my face for reasons I can't quite explain. Good job.
  • Jane Hamer
    8 months ago
    Quirky, sweet and certainly different. It's shot beautifully with fantastic locations. It's not the sort of film I'd watch but I can certainly appreciate it and how you've approached it is lovely.
  • Alfie Barker
    1 year ago
    nice, a great little film!! reminds me of Amelie
  • Maria Morancho
    1 year ago
    Really enjoyed it, sweet and memorable.
  • Daniela Pasquini
    1 year ago
    Thanks 'Big Tree Productions' - hah, hope you chuckled
  • Big tree productions
    1 year ago
    Hah! Great film.....loved it!
  • Daniela Pasquini
    1 year ago
    thanks alot Vanessa, greatly appreciated! I'll pass on the kind words
  • Vanessa Bailey
    1 year ago
    Intelligent, gentle, off-beat and gorgeous to watch. Bravo to everyone involved!
  • Daniela Pasquini
    1 year ago
    Hi Matt, thanks for the comments. The film came about through myself and co-writer Jaz to create a story that was human but playful, we wanted to make a film we enjoy - something that was slightly off reality, that let the imagination roam. The film's intent was always this, though Jeunet is an ever-inspiring director it was not made solely as a homage to him. As a young company we enjoy playing with making our own music and the score you hear so happened to be inspired by the narration we wrote. (We were also inspired by Jaz's new accordian gift and couldn't help but involve it!) As for the title - we tried in vain, many a time, to lengthen her name, give her a surname that fit... but it always came back down to the one word - 'Emmeline'
  • Matt Jamie
    1 year ago
    Nicely put together - great locations and design and well photographed. I think the title and the music made the influence of Jeunet more obvious than it needed to be...?

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