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Shooting People
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Just Talk to me

Running Time:
2 min

Just Talk To Me from Simon Dymond on Vimeo.

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About this film

This short was made as part of the BFI short film competition. The 6th BFI Future Film Festival takes place from Saturday 16-Monday 18 February. The winning short will demonstrate a creative interpretation of a given script displaying an understanding of the thriller genre. The script selected was 'Just Talk to me' written by Elliott Weld. Richie Malone is a successful Radio Talk Show Host. But Brian is not your run-of-the-mill caller.


Richie Malone
Michael Kenneth Stewart


Radio Show Producer


Original Score
James Rogers

Sound Editor



1st Assistant Director
Jason White

Director of Photography
Karl Poyzer

1st Assistant Camera
Grant Murphy

Sound Operator
Ben Hodge

Data Transfer
Silvia de Abreu



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  • Luke McGibney
    6 years ago
    I thought the camera work was good and I to have seen a few of these concepts flying around in Nottingham and this by far is the best. Acting was very good are they local Nottingham? Writing I felt was rushed and the beat changes were not found it felt forced, it would be better for the DJ to be allowed to mock the caller until he opens the parcel and then we see the stake, "Sh@t this is for real". A great example of an uncomfortable call is Kingfisher with Robin Williams at the beginning. Great stuff as usual Simon.
  • Kyle Eaton & Daryll James
    6 years ago
    This is just brilliant. The score for the film really sets it apart and adds to the tension.
  • Graham Lester George
    6 years ago
    Beautifully shot, looks great. Great performance by Michael Stewart, and Steve Deery was good too.
  • David Lilley
    6 years ago
    Cracking cinematography, great performances and a wonderful location. I've seen other versions of this script and this is by far my favorite. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with next.

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