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Shooting People
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The Knowledge

Running Time:
4 s

LDN Vignettes: The Knowledge from Manifesto NYC on Vimeo.

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About this film

Joe Gibbons has to learn up to 30,000 places and street names in London before completing The Knowledge to become a licensed London Black Cab driver.

This film was shot in a day! With a few extra street shots done the following day. Joe has since passed his Knowledge test, and may just pick you up one day in his cab!


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  • Petroula Kaneti-Dimmer
    7 years ago
    Being a Londoner myself I wholeheartedly appreciate what these cabbies have to learn. Really good documentary that gives you such an insight into the profession. You really learn a lot from it but I wanted to watch more...
  • Nelson Sivalingam
    7 years ago
    Really interesting film. Love the visuals!
  • Anton Califano (Filmmaker!)
    7 years ago
    Thanks for all your comments - and for voting it through the FINAL ROUND! Please do vote again if you have only voted once in the FIRST ROUND - as only FINAL ROUND votes count! Thanks again!
  • Jodie McIntosh
    7 years ago
    Having owned and operated a cab myself, I feel that this very short peek into the preparation of obtaining a medallion is well done, shots were clear and informative, sound was below the intrusive level, and the subject was real, well done.
  • David Graham Scott
    7 years ago
    This is a marvellous documentary portrait. 5 stars to you, sir!!
  • Imola Gaspar
    7 years ago
    It's great.I like it very much Antonio.
  • Rory Yeung
    7 years ago
    Never realized that the Knowledge was that difficult- though it does explain why the Cab drivers know everything about London.
  • Anton Califano (Filmmaker!)
    7 years ago
    Thanks for all your comments and "stars" - much appreciated!
  • John Ninnis
    7 years ago
    Love your short London looks fantastic.
  • Abdel Altirawi
    7 years ago
    I like it but it seems to me the sound could be better , 4 stars from me

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