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The Strange Death of Harry Stanley

Running Time:
10 min 25 s

The Strange Death of Harry Stanley from Jeremiah Quinn on Vimeo.

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About this film

This is the true story of the last day of Harry Stanley's life, made with the full permission of Harry's family. You won't believe the ending.


Harry Stanley




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  • Hank Starrs
    4 years ago
    For some reason SP has been sending emails inviting members to watch and comment on chosen films. So I did. This had nice naturalistic acting performances. Great ending! Some typical short film cliches, close ups of tea cups and tea swirling in the pot. terrible sentimental music and a poor sound mix. Weird green tinged colour grade. Not bad though, overall.
  • Keeley-Jo Jupp
    5 years ago
    Good work Forbes! Luv ya x
  • Jeremiah Quinn (Filmmaker!)
    5 years ago
    Thanks Michael. I love this comment about it being implausible. I gave it to a script reader when I first wrote it and she said, "Get rid of the table leg, no one will believe that". Didn't have the heart to tell her it was all true.
  • Michael Bloomfield
    5 years ago
    congratulations on creating a highly cinematic and poignant piece. the crazy thing is were it not for the fact that this is based on reality, it wouldn't feel plausible enough to pass muster on a narrative level.. superb work.
  • Louise McConnell
    5 years ago
    Saw this fantastic film at Braine Hownd film night a few months ago! Brilliant Work!
  • Anton Califano
    5 years ago
    I remember when this happened. I lived in the area, and was always shocked by it. Great to see that he hasn't been forgotten, and I hope the film can help to reveal the truth about what actually happened that day. Good luck!!
  • Matt Jamie
    5 years ago
    Great piece, nicely made and acted. Not sure all the captions were necessary, but really effective when they worked.
  • Richard Anthony Dunford
    5 years ago
    Great short Jeremiah. 5 stars from me.
  • Jeremiah Quinn (Filmmaker!)
    5 years ago
    Thanks for these kind comments. And congrats Steve Deery on your win!
  • Steve Deery
    5 years ago
    Great film, well shot, acted and directed. Deserves to have done well.

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