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Shooting People
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The Blue Book Trailer

Running Time:
54 min

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The Full version of this film and more information about the complete film is available from the Blue book web site:





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  • Dan Smith
    4 years ago
  • Kate Sandison
    4 years ago
    I have read about the Armenian genocide so was very pleased to see this film. In the beginning I would have liked to see a few photos from that time or even artists' paintings to take me right into the period and subject, in fact a little more of that all through. Also a brief sentence referring clearly that there had been a vibrant Armenian community in Turkey and the two countries are divided still. I was a little confused at the start but the rest of the film was great.
  • Tom Lassu
    4 years ago
    Very important work about another instance of Holocaust Denial. The term should not be reserved solely to describe the atrocities committed in Nazi Germany. Giving into the cultural pressure created by an advertising saturated media in which over stimulation is the norm -- by constantly force-dripping music -- is annoying and distracts from the seriousness of the subject. Use silence, use voices solo, then use music/effects sparingly. Constant music is just as flat as constant silence.
  • Jonathan Webb
    4 years ago
    Intriguing stuff, clearly a very sensitive & potent issue. Stylistically somewhat furtive, I needed more back story to be fully engaged.
    Not sure about the tone of the VO at the beginning, seemed out of step. overall strong effort, you should be pleased with the result
  • Richard Connew
    4 years ago
    Sorry just didn't get my interest which is a shame as clearly a lot of hard work went into making it. You should be proud of it regardless of my comments not everything appeals to everyone!
  • Matt Jamie
    4 years ago
    Looks very interesting and I'd like to see the full length version. On a technical note the voiceover seems a little rushed, but this may be because this is a cut down version - and I'd like to see more historical imagery if possible too. Is the full version online?
  • Mark Collins
    4 years ago
    Interesting short documentary on an interesting yet controversial subject, that i would like to see more back story on, to fully understand (as much as is humanly possible). Are there any plans to make a more in depth version?

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