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Shooting People
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Got Got

Running Time:
12 s

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About this film

A surreal and twisted action fantasy roller coaster.



Sound designer

Sound Recordist



  • zeynep nuhoglu
    6 years ago
    best pace, great editing, excellent use of sfx, great performances, beautiful angles, some one who has mastered the masters' work , congratulations
  • Angela Peters
    6 years ago
    Cool to watch guys! Well done. Some very flamboyant and fabulous characters in there. Casting must have been a hoot! Good luck.
  • Dionne Edwards (Filmmaker!)
    6 years ago
    Thank you Jane and Stephanie for your kind words!
  • Stephanie Zari
    6 years ago
    Super ambitious and great concept...great energy and imagination in this film - pushing the boundaries - nice! :)
  • Jane Hamer
    6 years ago
    Tons of energy to the film. Well put together too. I love the opening. I think if you could add a bit of atmosphere (maybe in post?) it would take it to a whole new level. Well done.
  • Dionne Edwards (Filmmaker!)
    6 years ago
    Hi Mariana and Jamie, thanks so much for your comments and for taking the time out to watch the film :)
  • Mariana Conde
    6 years ago
    With a stronger budget, a better camera and cinematography, perhaps more shooting time and a scarier villain this short film would have been mind blowing.
    It's pretty great though ;)
  • Matt Jamie
    6 years ago
    nicely constructed. Good solid sound design really helped along with the music. I wonder if some "smaller" performances might have made it more intriguing perhaps

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