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Luke and The Void

Running Time:
14 min 48 s

Luke & The Void (2009) from Matt Freeth on Vimeo.

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About this film

Set in 1986, only child Luke has problems at school and at home, but he's on an 'out of this world' mission to leave it all behind.

Luke and The Void was made as part of South West Screen and UK Film Council's Digital Shorts scheme.

Starring Simon Shepherd from ITV's Peak Practice, it premiered at Encounters Short Film Festival 2009 and was longlisted for a BAFTA in 2010. It also won 'Best Live Action Short' at Stamford Children's Film Festival in 2010.





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  • Matt Jamie
    5 years ago
    Nicely made short. I'd agree with Cheryl that it took a while to tell the story (could easily have come in at under 10 mins). Also if we're assuming the spaceship was real (given the breaking cups, shaking windows etc) rather than a metaphor for wanting to escape, it's a bit of a depressing ending - kid lost in space with only a sandwich!
  • Matt Harris-Freeth (Filmmaker!)
    5 years ago
    Thanks Ian for watching - really glad you enjoyed it :)
  • ian gathard
    5 years ago
    A 15 minute short that doesn't get dull, or feel too long for even a moment. A rare achievement. Well worth watching.
  • Matt Harris-Freeth (Filmmaker!)
    5 years ago
    Thanks Cheryl. Great to hear your thoughts and glad you liked it.
  • Cheryl White
    5 years ago
    Charming film Matt. Beautifully shot and a tender story. It did take a bit of time to get where it was going but it was a nice journey. Well done.

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