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Margaret Sinclair: An Ordinary Girl

Running Time:
9 min 55 s

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About this film

Margaret Sinclair is a working girl, born into a pious Catholic family in Edinburgh. Fr. Thomas J. Agius, her spiritual advisor, guides her to become Sister Mary Francis of the Five Wounds. To this day the Venerable Margaret Sinclair is a powerful mediator with God in our sorrows and infirmities. Nor do the prayers of those who call on her for help remain unheard, for the favours so far obtained are numberless.


Andrew Sinclair
James Anderson

Sr. Emmanuel
Francesca Mula

Sr. Catherine
Paulette McMasters

Fr. Thomas J. Agius S.J
Michael Slater

Isabella Sinclair
Clarissa Hagan

Annie Pender
Rebecca McClay

Patrick Lynch
Enrico Lange

Mrs Elizabeth Sinclair

Mr Andrew Sinclair
Michael Eaves

Margaret Sinclair
Stephanie Pena

Nellie Woods

Andrew Sinclair jr.


ADR Supervisor

Make-Up and Hair Artist
Jade Levene-Endfield


Costume Designer
Anna Sargent

Sound Recordist




Production Assistant

David Shine

Make-up and Hair Designer
Lucia Tsappis

Make-Up and Hair Artist

Associate Producer
Leigh Shine


Make-Up and Hair Artist
Gabor Kerekes

Stills Photographer


Adam Pereira

First Assistant Director

Composer & Sound Producer
Pete Fletcher

Executive Producer
Stephanie Pena

ADR Recordist
Karl Jenkins

Costume Assistant
Howard Sargent

ADR Assistant
Robert Maisey



  • Dianne Thomas (Filmmaker!)
    4 years ago
    Dear Emily both you and the entire team, I cannot thank enough for all the hard work and dedication you have all put into making this short film an outstanding achievement for a 1 day shoot. I am working hard now to make the feature film a reality as I know that together we can make something amazing. The talent everyone has shines through in this short film & I pray we can all work together on the feature film in 2015.
  • Emily Swain
    4 years ago
    The production value & creative input on this film was very high - I know as I worked on it... it was a long one day shoot, but the result was phenomenal. The idea was always a teaser to show just how captivating a chance to tell the whole story in a feature could be. Dianne is very committed and talented and I sincerely hope she will have the opportunity to make the film of her dreams in the future.
  • Dianne Thomas (Filmmaker!)
    4 years ago
    Thanks so much Matt, yes we had an incredible time creating this short film in a one day shoot. I had the most phenomenal cast and crew on board, and we will be making a feature film about Venerable Margaret Sinclair, but the purpose of this short film was to create a teaser trailer to obtain funding for the feature film. There is a lot more about Venerable Margaret Sinclair's life but we shall be exploring this in the feature film itself which we will be filming in 2015. But thanks so much for your positive feedback it is gratefully appreciated. Kind regards Dianne
  • Matt Jamie
    4 years ago
    There's a lot of effort gone into producing this - attention to detail in the wardrobe and hair/make up and so on. It looks like it could have been an interesting story, but the script seems to be more a kind of bullet-point list of quick snippets of information - kind of a visual representation of a leaflet one might pick up at the back of church. And perhaps that was the purpose (?) - but I'd be interested to see a developed script and get an idea of her character and story - and what happened to her? It seems she died aged 25... Is there more of her story we could know?

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