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Shooting People
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I ... You (a very short film)

Running Time:
20 s

Star Icon 30


About this film

A very short film about turning points in a relationship. Made for a 10 second film competition. Title and credits were added at a later date making it a little longer. I wanted to see if I could make a film that suggests a much larger story.




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  • Matt Harris-Freeth (Filmmaker!)
    4 years ago
    Thanks for the kind words Lauren. Really glad you liked it. Some more in the series?Interesting idea. I'll have to have a think about it and see if I can come up with anything.
  • Lauren Wigmore
    4 years ago
    Great concept to start with, would be interested to see where you can develop this! Or maybe you could do a handful of shorts like this to further explore their relationship...
    (also happy to audition if you need further cast)
  • Kae Bahar
    4 years ago
    Great job, Matt, always there to surprise us, and good luck, Kae
  • Matt Harris-Freeth (Filmmaker!)
    4 years ago
    Thanks for the kind words and support Trevor. Glad you liked it :)
  • Trevor Hardy
    4 years ago
    Totaly Brilliant!!!!!! Fantastic work guys, really enjoyed that. 10 seconds but SO powerful, really clever. 5 big fat monster stars!
    DeadBird, Film of the month winner
  • Matthew Lawrence
    4 years ago
    Have to agree with Matt Jamie. Good work
  • Matt Harris-Freeth (Filmmaker!)
    4 years ago
    Thanks Matt. Glad you liked it.
  • Matt Jamie
    4 years ago
    well done. One of the only ten second films I've liked (most just seemed to be scenes from something longer - you've managed to tell a story here). If I were to make one crit I'd say the "I miss you" scene looks like they're already back together, pre-empting the final scene. Perhaps a phonecall or something where they're still apart might have kept the arc neater?

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