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Shooting People
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No Strings Fun

Running Time:
4 s

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About this film

A teenage girl becomes involved in an intense and possibly dangerous online relationship.


Amanda Dahl





Director of Photography

Director, Producer, Writer, Editor

Sound Recordist

Jermaine Auguste

Sound Designer

Jed Tune

1st Assistant Camera
Glen Kirby

Make-Up Artist
Olta Citozi

Stills Photographer

Production Assistant
Amy Byrne

Casting Assistant
Helen Porter


  • Kieron Clark (Filmmaker!)
    5 years ago
    Thanks Tim! Working on the sequel (or something similar) as we speak (type?)!
  • tim john prior
    5 years ago
    Brilliant! First class film-making around a serious theme. Hope it gets a wide audience!
  • Bob Eckhard
    6 years ago
    Yes, agree totally with Matt's reflections - totally uncomfortable watching it but the ending makes a really strong point.
  • Kieron Clark (Filmmaker!)
    6 years ago
    Thanks for all of the comments and votes.

    ***SPOILER ALERT*** David: I liked the idea of leaving things a little bit open at the end. Will they decide to meet up at the weekend? Will one of them realise what's happening before the other? Or will the whole thing fizzle out leaving neither of them any the wiser? I can see that your ending would work well too though. For some reason I tend to shy away from definitive conclusions (not sure why).
  • David Graham Scott
    6 years ago
    Liked it. Thought it would have been an even better twist if his mobile made a bleep sound at the dinner table as she sent a final message...but then again maybe not. Great short anyway!! 5 stars.
  • Richard Russo
    6 years ago
    I agree with Matt and would like to add that the twist made for an excellent, hard hitting and unexpected climax. Unfortunately (for me) I found the music a little irritating.
  • Matthew Lawrence
    6 years ago
    I agree with Matt, I thought this was really good
  • Matt Jamie
    6 years ago
    Well done. An uncomfortable watch. The plot could easily have tipped over into farce in the wrong hands but this was well measured by the director and subtly performed by the two principles.

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